Our History

“Locals Only” brand was established in 1981. Based in Hawaii, Locals Only wholesales its product to accounts in USA, and internationally. The store currently sells many of its exclusive brands and covers LIFESTYLE: surf, skate, snowboarding, street. Locals Only represents everywhere, whether it is Locals Only Hawaii, Locals Only Texas, Locals Only Florida, Locals Only Japan. Special or Unique locale makes it Locals Only.

“Pineapple Juice” brand, created in 1985 specializes in reproduction of vintage Hawaiian aloha shirts that are MADE IN HAWAII using 100% rayon fabric. The reproductions represent Hawaii’s golden years, 1940’s-1950’s.

“Palaka Hawaii” established in 1992, creates sportswear using Hawaii’s traditional plantation and paniolo fabrication first introduced to Hawaii in the early 1800’s.

“Liquid Aloha” brand, established in 1995, says beach, surf, sunshine, and Hawaii. Inspired by Hawaii’s wahines love for the ocean, Liquid Aloha offered the wahines their own waterwear brand.

“Urban Hawaiian” brand, established in 1998, discovers the passion for the Hawaiian Lifestyles: music, hula, food, tradition. Unique to Hawaii's ways and traditions, for all to enjoy this special Ohana Lifestyle.

“Asian Invasion” brand, established in 2002, global awareness to Asian life, beliefs, and culture. The fashion statement is simplicity with Asian icons that expose the world to Asian ways.